How to Increase and Monitor Your Social Media Influence

Quantity was the measurement of social media marketing’s success, but that has changed to influence. Your ability to move followers to retweet your posts, fans to like or share what is on your wall and engage in conversations is now the way to be effective.  The suggestions in this post are to help use social media efficiently to achieve your marketing goals.


Retweet messages that inspire or that you agree with to interact with your followers. Retweeting (RT) endorses others and it is also one of the metrics used in social media analytic tools like Klout. Klout tracks your retweets as a way to determine your influence on your followers. Marketers aware of this social media monitoring now ask for and thank followers for retweeting their posts.

Participating in conversations and answering questions are another way to get a response on Twitter. Companies even use this platform for customer service encouraging purchasers to ask questions and engage with them for visibility. Mentioning a company’s product and service will give you exposure to their followers when they respond or retweet your messages.

Programs like Twitter stats, twitalyzer and Klout, monitor your social media’s influence on Twitter. Use your Google analytics account to track the number of referrals that are coming from Twitter to your website and converting into subscribers.


Initiate and participate in discussions in your groups on LinkedIn to strengthen your visibility and make connections. Answering questions are another known practice to increase your brand and your expert reputation. This takes time depending on the groups you joined, but the goal is to get listed as a ‘Top Influencer of the Week’. Contributing to discussions, starting conversations and posting questions and answers that receive responses will attract clients and other opportunities.

LinkedIn tracks your influence in the section titled, Who’s Viewed Your Profile. Click on the link next to the number to see who has viewed your profile. The free edition gives a general description of the person that visited your page.  This information is useful as it provides the number of people and the industries interested in your work. For more details about the people visiting your profile consider LinkedIn’s Pro account. Watch this video for to see the Pro version’s analytic report http://goo.gl/Ncovv.


Scheduling posts are another method of using social media efficiently. I recommend scheduling at least two posts per day on your profiles. For ideas on what to post on your Facebook wall read getting more Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers.

Facebook insights help track your influence.  It also shows how many people are talking about your posts and displays the amount of people your posts reach. Engaged users and ‘virality’ are two additional columns that provide useful data.  This information identifies useful content, so share more of that skill as a way of responding to your audience’s interests.

Knowing how to influence and monitor your online connections is essential to maximize your presence and increase your client lists. The more you influence your contacts the more they talk about you on their profiles expanding your reach on social media. Consistently improving your social media influence leads to more connections, prospects and business.

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