Make Your Own Video

Video marketing is a well-known tool for Internet businesses. This week’s tip offers some steps to get you started creating a video for your website. Whether you want a full-motion video (filming yourself or someone) or a screencast video (recording your screen) you can create and upload a video for your site that will help increase your page ranking on the search engines and to advertise your business on viral sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Although video creation and editing can be time consuming depending on your goals, there are ways to use this tool time efficiently.

To get started creating full-motion videos you need a video camera. If you have a camera built in your computer you are set but if not you will need a webcam or a video camera. Today’s video cameras are easy to use and download as you can plug in the USB port directly into your computer. The Flip and the Kodak Z series video cameras are the most popular. If you have the previous model video cameras you can use a firewire to connect your camera to your computer for downloading. If you are creating screencast videos, which again are videos of your computer screen, you can use screen recording software such as Camtasia Studios, Windows Movie Maker, or BB Flashback. These programs help you create a video from a PowerPoint presentation. If you are going to create screencast videos and you want to talk in the video you will need to check if your computer has a built-in mic so you can talk into your speakers or purchase a headset or microphone to use.

Once you decide the type of video you want to create and have the correct tools, it’s time to produce. The planning stage of a video is where most of your time will be used. If you are doing full-motion or a screencast, you will need to plan your script to make your video professional and effective. Planning your script is important to convey your intended message successfully, and if you are creating a screencast video it is important to pace yourself so the audience can understand clearly what you are saying. If you are making an introduction video I suggest that you write a script that is 1 to 2 minutes in length. This lets the visitor know that useful information is available on various pages of your site and encourages them to surf your web pages. Also highlight your free reports or other timeless give-a-ways that a new visitor might consider beneficial.

For screencast videos, after you have the PowerPoint completed (6 or 7 slides are plenty to make a 1 to 2 minute video), add your music or record your voice for each slide. If you choose Camtasia, the software includes an add-on to record button on the PowerPoint software. However, all of the above programs are capable of producing videos from your presentations. Use their tutorials for more information.

Another way to create videos is a service called Animoto. Use Animoto to create a video out of your pictures. Create an account with Animoto and upload or direct them to the photos you want to use and the music you want for your video.  Animoto also has music you can select for your videos. This service analyzes your photos and music selection to create an original video that you can use for your website or to upload on other websites to share. You can also merge videos from Animoto with your personal videos to create a unique introduction for your audience to enjoy as a greeting to your site or information about a new product you are launching.

These are just some beginning steps to make your own video. Video is one of the most important tools in Internet marketing right now. So take some time to decide the best way for you to start utilizing this tool to market your business effectively online.

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