Mobile Marketing Apps for Social Media Platforms, Part1

smartphone with social media icons image, mobile marketing appThis weekend I downloaded the Facebook Messenger app reluctantly because of past problems with the app including download issues. However, I was pleasantly surprised how the app has improved.

This inspired me to look at the other Facebook mobile marketing apps created to make it easier for business owners to market on the move. In this post I list some mobile apps that business owners can use to:

  • Share important events with their audience
  • Manage content even when they are away from the office
  • Manage ads to get the most out of their marketing efforts


Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest have mobile marketing apps that will help you remain engaged even when you are out of your office.


Facebook Mobile Marketing Apps

  • Facebook Pages App: This app enables you to manage up to 50 Pages from your smartphone or tablet. You can post, view activity and track your metrics reviewing the insights of your pages.
  • Facebook Messenger App: There have been major improvements to this app since I last tried to download it. First the download was easy and fast this time. This mobile marketing app now enables you to:
    • Text Friends
    • Share photos and videos this mobile app will ask permission to use your camera. This is an important feature to use as Facebook video will get more views and show more often in your contact’s newsfeed
    • Make calls
    • Access your messages and chats
    • Have multiple conversations at one time
  • Facebook Groups App: Is now the easy way to check all your groups updates and participate in group conversations anywhere
  • Manage Facebook Ads App: This marketing app empowers you to do just about everything you need for your Facebook ad campaigns. Some of the features are to:
    • Create an ad
    • Track the ads performance
    • Make changes to the budget or schedule of an ad
    • Edit ads on the move


LinkedIn Mobile Marketing Apps

LinkedIn has also created multiple apps enabling their users to get the most out of their experience on this platform.

Some of the mobile apps are:

  • LinkedIn App: This mobile app helps you post your content, read connections information and view your insights to know how your messages are reaching your audience on the platform.
  • LinkedIn Job Search: This app’s features include setting up a search based on keywords including the location. You can then use this information to get notification about your job searches. It will also help you apply for a position using your LinkedIn profile privately.
  • LinkedIn Pulse: Last month I talked about the benefits of using LinkedIn pulse for publishing to increase your exposure on the platform. When you use the Pulse mobile app, you can view:
    • the news on topics that interest you
    • what your contacts are reading
    • stay current when your connections make news.
    • You can follow people, businesses or a particular subject.
  • LinkedIn Slide Share Presentations App: Looking for some information? Install the LinkedIn Slide Share Presentation app to learn while you are on the move.

These are only some of the Facebook and LinkedIn mobile marketing apps. You can review more apps by performing a general search online or on your smartphone. Next week, I will post the mobile marketing apps for Twitter and Pinterest.

In the meantime, check out these apps to see how they can help you use these social media platforms better to reach your goals.



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