Mobile Marketing Ideas for 2015

Hand holding mobile smart phoneAs we stand in line, wait for public transportation or sit in waiting rooms, what are we doing? We are using our smartphones to search the Internet, have conversations via text, face talk apps or pay for purchases.

For this reason, mobile marketing ideas for 2015 are important because it is changing our behavior and purchasing habits.

Recognizing these trends, website developers are creating responsive designs that include pages that will convert well on a small screen. Like the developers, it is useful to consider how mobile marketing best practices can expand your reach and strengthen your relationships with your customers.

More and more people are purchasing smartphones, and we are becoming dependent on them for our daily activities. We now:

  • Regularly use our mobile GPS apps to travel locally or out of town
  • Keep up with our email through our phones
  • Check our social media marketing profiles as a past time throughout the day and night

Companies are noticing our behavioral changes and adjusting their services to accommodate us. Some of their mobile marketing solutions for customers are:

  • The Starbucks app gives customers the option to use their mobile devices to pay for their purchases. Customers also receive free items that are tracked and recorded through this app
  • Uber enables you to reserve transportation spontaneously to fit your mood or activity
  • Search engines and social media networks such as Facebook make their ads accessible to mobile users as research proves that people perform more searches on their phones rather than desktop computers.
  • You can activate your phone for PayPal mobile or use Apple Pay.

These brands mobile marketing strategies are strengthening their personal relationships with customers. Customers feel good when staff can acknowledge their past purchases or make their shopping experience more convenient.

You might be asking how I can use these mobile marketing ideas in my business. Some entrepreneurs like:

  • Business and life coaches are using mobile marketing to inspire and support their clients
  • Authors are publishing their books and other writings on Kindle, the Nook and creating audio books
  • Teleseminar and Internet radio hosts upload their recordings creating a podcast library that people can listen to on their smartphones.

Online marketing strategies give us more options to stay informed and use our tech tools for daily use. These platforms have made a significant impact. Mobile marketing solutions are consistently birthing to make tasks easy to complete.

As you plan and revise your marketing plan for next year, I do suggest you begin to incorporate mobile marketing ideas in your system that can be automated and potentially grow into a passive income stream.


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