Qualifying Your Social Network

Once a business owner opens to the idea of using social media, setting up profiles, using Facebook fan pages and time efficiency tools like Hootsuite, who to connect to and how becomes the next set of questions? Are you connecting based on similar and complimentary interests and industries? Or, are you using automation tools? Are you responding to posts, answering questions or constantly posting and advertising? Here are some suggestions on how to build quality relationships with people that subscribe to your lists and give you an opportunity to meet a new customer through your social networks.  

  • Facebook:
    • Join groups and discussions and company pages where you have a genuine interest, personally or professionally.
    • Respond to posts, contribute useful information and share your own fun, inspirational or testimonial stories.
    • Connect with people from those pages or group discussions sending them a request to connect with you, introducing yourself and how you learned about them. People interested will accept your invitation and visit your profile.
    • Having your profile complete with your website URL, email web form and useful description about your business gives them the opportunity to sign up for your newsletters and review your free offers simply through your online presence being available.
  • Twitter:
    • After creating a profile have several posts so people can see what you are about when considering following you.
    • Use a tool like TweetDeck, Social oomph or Hootsuite to help you keep up with your connections’ conversations. Reply to their posts or comments regularly. Answer questions and make suggestions when applicable.
    • Consider following people only when you have an interest personally or professionally instead of auto following.
    • To meet people for quality conversations use Twellow and nearby tweets to view their profiles for purposeful Twitter networking.
  • LinkedIn:
    • Participate in group conversations when your information is helpful.
    • Use the applications to give new connections the opportunity to review your business without hard selling it like the WordPress app.
    • Answer questions regularly to earn the ‘best answer’ rating; this helps to gain points for the expert listing. The more points you earn the higher you appear on the list of experts.

The results to look forward to is meeting like-minded people that you enjoy sharing information with and learning from; expanding your professional network and as your contacts increase so you’re your website traffic. Some visitors will become subscribers, joint venture partners or prospects.

For other to do’s and mistakes to avoid when using social media view this video of Chris Brogan’s interview on the SAS channel with Deb Orton

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