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Recently I have been consulting and interacting on the social networks professionally and personally more than usual. For this reason I’m inspired to write about being responsible in your virtual social networking. The following suggestions and tools are to help you nurture your online relationships, build trust within these communities and participate effectively in the conversations that matter to you. The results of these actions are to build a quality network online that will develop genuine interest and trust in you and your services, which leads to more people on your list and for consultations.

Be mindful to select the appropriate atmosphere for your group’s conversations. It is important as your community evolves with online discussions that you adapt to protect your community’s dialogue. As members share personal details, you might consider changing the status of your group to private. On Facebook you can create groups that are secretive, which means only the members of the group are allowed to read and post comments with the group. As your group expands, it is helpful to invite other community members to participate in facilitating the group with you, or if you joined and are regularly interacting, offer to help facilitate the group. Another person helping frees time and helps you nurture individual relationships.  If you are advising your group, you may consider creating a forum for your community or a membership site. If you have a blog, it is as simple as downloading a plugin. Simple:Press is a plugin that helps you integrate a forum into your blog. This way members can login and post with confidence that their contributions will be respected and not bullied or criticized. Another option if you are offering services to your online community is a membership site as fee-based program.

Also, when using  automation tools it is easy to feel lost when trying to find substantial conversations within your Twitter community. Recently, I learned about Cadmus which can help you locate and engage in the conversations where you can add to the dialogue. Sign in to Cadmus using your Twitter login and begin participating effectively in your Twitter network building quality relationships.

As an active community participant or manager, it is also best to clearly state the guidelines and purpose of your community regularly. This information helps everyone engage effectively and know what is acceptable and what is not so everyone can have an enjoyable experience participating in the group. Building or participating in a community with the highest standards of ethics and respect will draw followers to your personal or business profiles, and will encourage them to join your Business pages or lists. It is also very helpful to have timeless information on your personal profile pages and websites. Posting your website in the info areas of all your social network profiles is a necessity. It is human nature that once you develop a positive rapport with people they want to know more about you. So have your website updated with timeless information about your business and who you serve then engage online frequently and genuinely and always respect your community’s conversations and guidelines.

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