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9-29-2015_How_to_Use_Social_Sites_for_BusinessI attended the social selling conference hosted by Kim Garst, Boom Social in Chicago this month. Top Internet Influencers gave presentations on the social networks they use to generate impressive incomes.

Listening to these business leaders, I gained a better understanding of the purposes of social media sites like Instagram and how to use them successfully for business. Below is a synopsis of the principle function and the best practices to use these social media sites for business.

Pinterest: Peg Fitzpatrick explained how Pinterest can increase your blog traffic. However, the biggest takeaway from her presentation was explaining that Pinterest is a social bookmarking site.

This is the site where you tell people about you. Although you do upload blog posts, you also pin content that shows your hobbies, interests and anything else you want to share about yourself. This is how to build community.

The way to use the site for your business is to include excellent images in your post. Visual content is trending right now, and the better the images, the more click the posts will receive.

The other benefit of Pinterest is that content has the longest lifespan on that site. As new visitors find your boards, they repin posts that were published two or more years ago keeping that content current. After reading your posts, they can get more information on the topic on your website. Remember the more traffic you direct to your blog, the more opportunities you have to build your list.

LinkedIn is the social media site for professional networking. Viveka Von Rosen explained how to use the site’s features to build your business. For example, Tweet this: publishing on LinkedIn’s Pulse is a great way for speakers to get noticed and speaking opportunities.@ElectraFord

LinkedIn’s Pulse is an excellent feature to display your expertise. You can read how Coaches are using this platform to gain recognition and clients on this social media site.

Viveka also suggested using the direct message option. She gave a target goal of two to three thousand contacts. Having a metric gives you a place to put your attention working on this social media platform. So LinkedIn is a place where you can meet people creating opportunities when you know how business owners use the social media platform successfully.

Kim Garst gave us tips to building our Twitter contacts. Twitter is your real-time social network. When you are at an event Twitter is the social site you use to tell everyone what is happening. If you have a virtual event going live, Twitter is where you will post the announcement that you are starting in 20, 15 or 5 minutes. Twitter is another great twitter image, twitter ads reviewresource for traffic to your blog. The purpose of driving traffic to your website is to get them to sign up for your email list. On your mailing list, you can build relationships and when you have a product you can soft sell to your list first. It becomes your warm market.

Some quick ways to build a following on Twitter is to:

  • Tweet your blog posts
  • Share posts of others to build relationships
  • Retweet others to build relationships
  • Build lists such as:
    • People that retweet me
    • Top Influencers
    • Community Leaders

Instagram: Sue B. Zimmerman, the Instagram Expert, explained how this social media tool is best used.

I appreciated Sue’s presentation so much because Instagram was not a platform I used myself.

Instagram is your storytelling platform in pictures. For example, when Coaches have workshops or attend networking events, it would be great to document the event on Instagram bringing your followers to the events with you. For speaking engagements, it is a great way to archive your events building recognition about your business on social media.

When you have a book signing, Instagram is the perfect place to post behind the scenes and event photos.

Traffic: Yes, Instagram is also a network that can drive traffic to your blog. You can add links to your post. If you have a product launch and a bonus with you can post a link the bonus if they purchase today.

Listening to Sue gave me so many ideas of using Instagram to tell a great story about your event or products.

Lastly, Facebook is the social media site all businesses need a presence. With over 1.4 billion on the site, Facebook is used as a search engine. It is simply a good marketing practice to have an active, engaging presence on the site for your business.

Kim advised using strategies on how to attract traffic to your Facebook Business page and website. Her strategies are used to attract more engagement on Facebook. This is valuable because the more people you engage, the more opportunities you have to convert them to subscribers to your list or better yet, people that will purchase your services right from your Facebook ads.

These are just some ways to start understanding and using these social media platforms to build your brand online and reach your projected goals. Happy Networking.


ElectraF-Image1AElectra Ford is an online marketing strategist that helps businesses get noticed on the Internet. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic to their websites and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation subscribe to my email list above.

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