Social Media Marketing Strategy for ROI

It’s obvious that social media marketing provides a new way of building customer relationships and doing business. Companies are creating communities with their customers on Facebook and asking fans to share their stories. However, what does this mean to your business? If you have a social media marketing strategy, you will be able to answer this question specifically. Here are some four ways to start a social media marketing strategy to measure its effect on your business.

Purpose: Identify the reason you want to use social media marketing. Do you want an online presence mainly for brand recognition? Do you want to increase your clients? Once you are able to clearly state your purpose for using social media marketing you are able to create measurable goals.

Goals:  Your measurable goals are specific numbers (another name is key performance indicators – KPI). How many new visits do you want to your website? The number is your measurement – that is what you are working toward in your social media activities.

Professional Skills: Now that you know what you want, the next set is determining what is required to reach your specific goals. Do you have the specific knowledge to create and implement a social media marketing campaign? Although Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are mostly free, there are specific ways to use these tools to the results you have in mind. Do you know how to set up a page on Facebook to connect with your target audience? Do you know how to post, engage and market your business on LinkedIn and Twitter to get results?

Evaluation: Once you have the professional knowledge, or an expert to implement your online marketing campaign, it’s time to review your progress. On average it takes three to six months to reach a specific goal and longer if your plan is to expand your business on the Internet.

  • The first month you will start putting your plan into action. Depending on how much information you have prepared to implement, or to give to your expert, will decide how much actually gets accomplished in the first 30 days. For example, do you know the keywords that will best work for you in the search engines for your social media profiles?  Do you know how you are going to contribute to the online community to engage with others? 
  • The second month you will review which activities have had positive results and which ones did not. Look at your analytics to determine your results; tweak your actions for better results. Knowing how to make these adjustments is vital and will require knowledge and experience of the online culture.
  • The third month compare your results to your stated goals to see how close you are to your desired goals. How is your Facebook page growing for brand recognition? How many more clients have you received through social media marketing?

These are the beginning steps to identify the ROI of your social media marketing. If you start your social media marketing plan with these steps you will clearly work toward your plan and know if you reached it.

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