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Articles, projections and reports are increasingly written about the benefits of social networking on business and professional careers. From all of this information we can safely conclude that social media marketing is becoming permanent. With that acknowledged, I am sharing with you this week some web programs to help you use your social network profiles efficiently to connect with the people that are seeking your services and to demonstrate your specialized skill set in your professional community.

I read from VA Classroom, (a Virtual Assistant online training school) a web program to help you with your local networking called nearby tweets. Nearby tweets does help with your local marketing and for career advancement or placement. For example, if you are a massage therapist and want to let people know about your business you can enter a location, keywords like massage, massage therapist, etc. and the radius you want the search enter and tweets applicable to those keywords will show up.

Another program is TweetMeme . TweetMeme helps you find relevant conversations that are discussed on Twitter. For example if you wanted to demonstrate your expertise as a web designer this tool can help you by typing in a topic and all tweets pertaining to that subject would come up. You can also research popular conversations by category, subcategory and channels. When you want to display your knowledge of a specific niche this tool is useful. Last week the Harvard Business Blog explained how the social networking trends are moving toward ‘niche networking’ so these tools will help you share your knowledge in the online communities where it can be beneficial.”

Slideshare is another online tool that is useful for demonstrating your professional skill set. Slideshare is a web program that allows you to upload PowerPoint presentations, word documents; pdf’s and excel documents to display on your social network profiles. Simply sign into your profile (ex: LinkedIn) and click on applications. Connect the Slideshare application and upload your presentation. During the discussions in your groups on LinkedIn (for example) you can tell people that you give more details about the topic on your presentation.

Each of these programs can help you connect to people that have your same interests, are looking for your type of professional skills or services, or give you an opportunity to participate in a like-minded community. Below is a video of Reid Hoffman and Biz Stone, two of the co-founders of LinkedIn and Twitter to give more information on how to use your online profile to help you in your career advancement or business networking.

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