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clock, social media marketing roiSocial media marketing can increase visibility and leads when you know what strategies to implement tweak and track for results. I described one strategy of using social media with your email as an efficient use of your marketing time in an earlier post. However, whether you are a social media marketing professional or a person who learns as they put these actions into practice, one thing is the same….

…social media marketing is time investment work.

Social media marketing takes time to do well. One way to accomplish that is by using time-saving platforms. The first set of platforms like Tweetdeck, Socialoomph, and Hootsuite, were created to distribute your posts to several social media networks.

The current generation of time-saving tools helps you get the most out of your content that you post on social media. Programs like SocialBro, Buffer, and SocialFlow help you pinpoint the best time to post, identify which content makes the strongest impact with your audience and connects you with the market you intend to serve.


For this post, I’ll describe some of the free benefits of SocialBro, which is a certified Twitter product. SocialBro analyzes your Twitter and Instagram activities helping you get the most out of your engagement. The features help you make little changes that contribute to growing your audience and improving your content’s reach with qualified contacts.

The free version of SocialBro enables you to make connections based on your target market. You can search for keywords and locations to connect particularly with your audience. As long as the keywords are in their profiles about section, SocialBro will locate them for you. You can also filter to follow accounts that have a minimum number of followers a set amount of accounts they are following and tell you if you are already following these profiles. You can choose accounts that are posting at least once a day, and that helps you decrease the number of bogus accounts that some paid services use to increase your followers. These filters help connect you with people that can use and would be interested in your products and services.

SocialBro helps you select the best time to schedule your posts. Programs like Tweetdeck, Socialoomph, and Hootsuite, help users automate and schedule their posts. However, the automation does not meet all of your social media marketing objectives.

surprised woman, social media marketing roiWhat? Yes, there is more work involved because people want to feel that they are connecting to a real person.

With programs like SocialBro, you can identify the best time to reach as much of your audience as possible. The program enables you to achieve this goal by reporting the time most of your audience is on Twitter. It lists the topics most of your audience is talking about and graphs the potential number of people you can reach if you post your content at specific times.

SocialBro’s free version accomplishes these objectives. So if you are new to social media marketing start using this tool to help you make qualified connections and posts at the optimal time to improve the return on your social media marketing investment. SocialBro also integrates with Hootsuite, which is another way to maximize your time.

With programs like SocialBro, reviewing your Facebook insights and connecting with people that are viewing your LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn business page you will get the most out of your social media marketing time.

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