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twitter image, twitter ads reviewTwitter ads are helping small businesses connect with their audiences and get good results for their lead generation efforts. Twitter has created features that are performing well for large brands like Twitter Amplify and for small businesses like the lead generation cards.

Twitter ads are helping brands by using four parameters:


  • Promoting an account using the features such as quick promote
  • Connecting based on similar interests
  • The Twitter Amplify feature allows brands to upload their video clip content for viral promotion
  • Use keywords to make connections

If you are new to Twitter ads, the lead generation card is an excellent tool to enhance your efforts toward building your email list.

How to create a lead generation card you ask?

  1. Create an ad image that compels your audience to sign up with a strong call to action
  2. The image can be a minimum 600W X 150H
  3. Go to ads.twitter.com to complete your account
  4. Under Creatives on the main menu, click cards
  5. Fill in the fields

You can integrate the following email programs with Twitter’s lead generation ad campaigns:

  • MailChimp
  • InfusionSoft
  • SalesForce
  • AWeber

The best advantages of using this lead generation tool are:

  1. If your email program does not currently integrate with the Twitter ad lead generation feature you can leave the data settings blank, and the program will give you the information to manually import the new subscriber to your list.
  2. New subscribers will have an easier time joining your list.

The next great feature offered by Twitter ads for small businesses is the Quick Promote option.

The quick promote tool enables you to promote a popular tweet from your profile. Twitter’s ad will connect you with others that share your interests. The ad fees are related directly to the amount of people that you want to target.

Twitter ads’ features make it an effective tool to enhance your marketing efforts on this platform. The Twitter dashboard helps you track your ads’ performance. This is important because the results of your marketing actions prove their value with the results you receive. As you start or continue marketing on Twitter consider using Twitter Ads to boost your return on investment (ROI).

I see various marketing strategies described on Twitter suggesting steps to build followers and get more lead generation results on my Twitter feed. However, Twitter’s lead generation cards and other features are some of the best practices in building your followers with measured results through the ads dashboard tracking options.

If you are new to Twitter, start with a clear keyword rich bio in the about section to make some organic connections along with inviting your warm network to follow you. Once you have significant content on your newsfeed and you are engaging others, consider adding Twitter ads to your social media marketing plan to charge your efforts.

Are you using Twitter ads now? If so, what are your results?

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