VAClassroom’s New Facebook Marketing Course Starts Tomorrow!

Facebook MarketingFacebook marketing ongoing education is one of the most important components to have a polished presence on this social media platform. This is especially true for virtual professionals implementing social media strategies or using social media for their organizations. Established social media platforms like Facebook marketing changes constantly for internal reasons and to remain within the standards of the World Wide Web. These changes provide an opportunity to remain current by attending trainings to use Facebook Marketing effectively and efficiently.

To be a distinguished professional in any field requires commitment to being a continuing student of your industry. As a social media professional, this requirement is included in the job descriptions. We have all witnessed Facebook’s changes from the overall look and feel of the Facebook Business Pages to the way we locate and store our favorites, groups, games and apps. This class is timely as Facebook has released another update that will be a carbon copy of your Facebook profile.

Since Facebook continues to change their pages it is important to set up an ongoing process for your clients to get their pages updated easily.

In addition to Facebook’s consistent changes, Facebook now as a public company is responsible for expanding their revenue model and profits. For this reason, they have extensively expanded and improved their Facebook ads. These changes create opportunities for businesses to ignite their visibility with promoted posts, offers and other programs.

Facebook needs companies, which is why they are creating ways to increase company visibility on their platform. Facebook has quickly become a serious marketing and brand-building channel for virtually any type businesses.

VAClassroom’s NEW Facebook Marketing 2014 Camp is right on time!

April 1st, 3rd & the 8th, VAClassroom launches a three day Facebook Marketing Camp that will provide current knowledge of the most recent changes, skills, and demonstrate ways to develop income opportunities!

This ONE-TIME program will start tomorrow, April 1st so secure your seat today. There is NO better and more profitable virtual assistant (VA) niche to pursue right now than Facebook Marketing… the opportunities are vast!

Here are three additional reasons to attend this course.

  • Facebook pages are a fantastic medium for businesses to build a strong email list. VAClassroom will introduce new strategies and tools for generating emails leads for any business.
  • Facebook Apps (tabs) have always presented a confusion for entrepreneurs. This camp will review apps that are worthwhile implementing to reach specific business goals. Rebecca Thompson is a top-notch Social Media Trainer and consultant who will be giving us an up-to-date overview on how to use apps in our pages.
  • VAClassroom has a reputation for creating practical and easy-to-implement skills that can assist virtual professionals in serving their clients’ needs.

If you are seeking a course on the best ways to effective Facebook Marketing strategies, this program will provide some of the best practices available. For more details, please click on this VAClassroom Facebook Marketing Course.

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