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Image of Person recordingVideo Blogging has grown in the last year or so. It is being used for entertainment, for connecting to certain areas of our lives and for business purposes. You are the director of your own video. Videos for blogging are known as vlogs (short term for video blog). It is not just an outlet for media response; vlogs can also be profitable. Business experts tell us that by creating video advertising products and linking with various web directories, fast income is a possibility.

Youtube is a typical example of a resource for vlogs. It’s a media-friendly digital file anyone can author and direct anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

What should be the content of my vlog?

Anything you can think of. Why not a mixture of humor, downfalls, heartaches, struggles, and life’s pleasures. You could feature anything –business product, use it as a teaching and learning tool, or advertisement for your business. Let your imagination be your guide.

How can I start my own video blog?

You will need a camcorder or a mobile phone, microphone for better sound, tripod and your own imagination and script. Put the lens in front of something that you think would be interesting and would catch your viewer’s attention. Then start recording. You are in control of the content, time and message.

When is the right time to start?

After you’ve assembled the right equipments, make a go of it. Take it as you wish. Record it as you please. Anytime is the best time. Just make sure viewers can comprehend what you’ve created.

Here are 3 easy steps for beginners and first timers on how to put up a vlog:

  1. Visualize – how your vlog would look. Visualize how it would start and how it will end. If you have no idea on what a vlog looks like, research the internet. RIGHT NOW!
  2. Design – after streaming the content of your videotape into the computer, and editing with software such as Audacity or Camtasia, it’s time to think about where you will showcase it.
  3. Upload – post your vlog on your favorite website. And voila! You’re very own video blog. At last, a tiny space among millions! Easy isn’t it?

Make your vlog appealing by advertising creative words people would search for. You have just completed your first vlog!

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Sheila Edens-Brown, Virtual AssistantSheila Edens-Brown is a Certified Business Coach through the Emotional Endurance Institute. She mentors virtual assistants and provides consulting for individuals that are transitioning from Employees to Entrepreneurs. Specifically she empowers women professionals to grow in business and life through marketing, mindset, and success coaching factors through Christian Lifestyle Coaching. For more information about Sheila visit Sheer Elegance Virtual Assistant

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