A Mind Map to Market an Internet Business

Mind mapping is a useful process for business, school, organization, etc. I’ve created a sample for you to get an idea of how to use a mind map as part of your Internet marketing planning. Mind mapping is great for looking at all the parts required to market your online business effectively.

Creating a mind map is starting with the big dream and then spreading out the details that support the dream becoming a reality. For this example I am using mindmeister but here are links to other programs such as XMind and FreeMind for you to consider. To begin insert your dream/goal in the middle. For this example, our goal is to market an Internet business. 


Next we list some of the required steps to market an Internet business like Internet marketing, social media marketing, virtual events and networking.


Follow by adding some of the tasks required to complete the above steps such as creating a site, blogging, creating social network profiles and others shown in the diagram below.

Continue adding detail tasks until you get them all listed. The more details you include the more you will understand how much time, work and assistance is required to achieve your goal.

Once you have listed all the tasks to be completed you can give yourself an accurate timeline for a successful launch or marketing campaign. This month as you contemplate your 2011 plans and resolutions I encourage you to use a mind map to structure your ideas. For any goal to manifest there are many details to organize and prioritize. Start using mind maps this month to clearly visualize your 2011 success.

YouTube and Vimeo have a list of tutorial videos on how to use free mind mapping programs. Here is a mindmeister tutorial I hope you find useful. A Tour of MindMeister from MindMeister on Vimeo.

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