Article Marketing Strategies for Your Online Business

Article marketing provides numerous benefits for an online business. The most popular benefits are link popularity, to build an expert reputation, and to increase website traffic. However, to be successful in your efforts it is best to have a strategy to use. Below is a strategy to help you start adding this activity to your marketing plan. 

Article Subjects: For some, article marketing can be taxing in the beginning. Use these simple steps to ease your burden. 

  • Schedule your articles: Use your service list to decide the article topics. Part of article marketing’s purpose is to build your reputation as an expert in your industry. For this reason it is important to write the article on the services you provide so people get a better understanding of your knowledge and expertise.  Pick three or four of your services per month and schedule articles to submit each week.
  • Share a ‘how to’ tip that your audience will find useful.

Create Keyword Rich Titles: Use a program like Google keywords or wordtracker to create a title that appropriately describes the content and that search engines will rank high. 

Validate authenticity: To support legitimate links back to your site, post the articles that you submit on your website. If you have a blog, post your articles on your blog so article directories and search engines can confirm it is your article. Another option is to add an article directory’s widget on your site to show ownership.  It is important to realize that your article may be copied on other sites without your knowledge but if you have it connected to your website it confirms your author ownership. 

SEO Considerations: Read the instructions for each article directory because some directories do not allow you to use SEO strategies such as including the title of the article in the content or adding links in the content. However, for articles that are on your blog or other pages you can use these techniques to optimize your pages. 

Increase traffic: Article directory sites are excellent sources for referral traffic. The more articles you have on the Internet the more traffic you can direct to your site. Visitors research various topics through article directories. When they read an article that answers their questions specifically or enlightens them they are likely to visit the author’s bio/resource box. If you have included your website in your resource box or your Facebook fan page more people will link back to your site or profile to find out more about your work. (For other information to include click on resource box.) 

Use these guidelines when you start or want to evaluate your current article marketing strategy. This is an easy way to make the most out of this user -friendly marketing tool. Here are some directories to get you started.



  1. William ValdezNo Gravatar says:

    Call it a Resource Box, Author Bio, etc., what it really is is your opportunity to create a compelling call to action for your reader. Even though it is called an Author Bio, it is not the time for you to tell the reader all about you and convince them you are an expert. In fact, if you have not demonstrated that you are an expert in your article, it is way to late too try to do it now.

    Even though it is an official Call to Action, I like to teach my students and members to use what I call “invitational language” in their Resource Box. Invitational language can be something as simple as “and now I would like to invite you to…” and then name the next action you would like them to take.

    This is as opposed to something like “get this great new product now and all your problems will be solved by morning and if you don’t you will be broke forever!” Sure I’ve exaggerated a bit, but not by much.

  2. edfordNo Gravatar says:

    Hi William,

    You are correct, the author bio area is the place to invite your lead to take another action to get to know more about your work.

    Thanks for visiting,

  3. Nancey CahanNo Gravatar says:

    Article marketing is indeed a very effective method in building your presence online in the sense that you are not only building traffic but you are also introducing your product or services to your audience.
    Nancey Cahan recently posted..Home Based Business Workshop Part Two

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