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Maintaining a blog can be difficult especially if you are looking to have a successful one. Many people start their blogs with high passion, but after time, they find themselves neglecting them. Writing posts become a chore. What to blog about….? Difficult!  I have learned that there are secrets to writing or maintaining blogs. Not only should there be an interest, you need to accept the fact that, yes work will be involved.

First, and foremost write about the things you know and love. Never write about something that you hardly know of and what you don’t like. Most people who write blogs choose topics that are of interest to other people. You should choose a topic that you’re interested in and throw out those that you don’t like.  Choose what you are passionate about.

Be creative! Creativity is very important in maintaining a successful blog. If you want to gain the loyalty of your subscribers, you must always try to be original in every blog you write.

Always consider your readers. How will your post relate to them? What benefits or solutions can you offer? Is there a call to action associated with the post?

Socialize with your readers. Encourage them to take an active part in your blog by adding polls and asking questions. Read their comments and answer them. If you want to improve your blogging skills, you must also read the blogs of other bloggers.

These tips can be effective. Start small. Take time to brainstorm topics and start a blogging notebook or calendar. Know that you can have a successful blog.

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Sheila Edens-Brown, Virtual AssistantSheila Edens-Brown is a Certified Business Coach through the Emotional Endurance Institute.  She mentors virtual assistants and provides consulting for individuals that are transitioning from Employees to Entrepreneurs. Specifically she empowers women professionals to grow in business and life through marketing, mindset, and success coaching factors through Christian Lifestyle Coaching. For more information about Sheila visit Sheer Elegance Virtual Assistant

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