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bluehost Logo ImageBluehost is ranked as one of the best web hosting companies in 2012. Tim Lee of the Arkansas Small Business & Technology Development Center suggested I use this hosting provider because they offered an endless amount of services and it was well worth the money. Seven years later I am still a customer of the company primarily for service and the various ways they are available to their customers. This post shares some information about their services benefits to my business.

Bluehost’s live chat feature is the way all my issues have been solved. They are accessible anytime through live chat or on the phone. Complimentary phone support is rare from tech companies now so this is a premium offering. Ticket submission is also offered using the email support option. Additionally, Bluehost has a forum and video tutorials to address most FAQs.

Customer satisfaction is especially important now when people can post their experiences on the Internet and watch it go viral through social media networks. The same is true for praise. When colleagues boast about a company’s products and services it motivates others to join the conversation. Lately, I’ve noticed virtual assistants (VA) recommending Bluehost mainly for its quality service.

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This recognition led me to research its position among other web hosting services. PR checker, PRWeb and web hosting’s top ten review lists include Bluehost as one of the best hosting companies for multiple years.  In each review their customer service is noted as its unique selling proposition (USP).

Along with sharing Bluehost’s record for quality service, I am also highlighting one of the services they make available to their clients. Cashie is a commerce web program that assists business owners’ with processing transactions on their websites. Its interface is design friendly and it can link to a PayPal account. There is a 2.5% cost for each sale processed. Cashie is one of the existing simple scripts offered using the Fantastico installer. The commerce WordPress plugin is also on hand.

Cashie Logo ImageCashie is compatible with any website platform. You can create an account to get started at Cashie Commerce. Cashie includes check out pages and the tax rate feature to apply the right percentage to purchases according to customer’s residency. Real time shipping rates using Cashie for United States Postal service, UPS and FedEx are also built-in. After you have an account watch the videos to integrate the tool onto your website. If you are a Bluehost customer and need additional support feel welcome to email, live chat or phone them at 888-401-4678. To learn more about Bluehost click on the company’s image.

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