Building an Email List using a Social Media Strategy

email image, building an email listMost small business owners have learned about using social media marketing to increase awareness about their businesses. Some business owners have also heard the money is in your list so they have an email list. Since this information is becoming standard when it comes to an online marketing plan the next questions is:

Are you building an email list using a social media strategy?

If you are not doing this, it is time to start doing it now. Facebook and most email software programs have been providing the opportunity to convert Facebook ‘likes’ into subscribers. However, with time comes progress, and now Twitter Ads also gives your followers an opportunity to join your list with just one click.

Social Media Strategy on How to Build an Email List

The first part of implementing this plan is technical. You will start by adding your email provider’s webform associated with your list to your social media profile. Some email provider’s that have integration with Facebook are:

  • AWeber
  • Constant Contact
  • Infusionsoft
  • MailChimp
  • Vertical Response

You will follow the software program’s instructions on how to create the webform then follow their instructions on how to add it to your Facebook page tab. You may also need to use an app on Facebook to paste the code into an app’s text field. One popular app that you can use is WooBox Custom Tab. This app enables you to paste the webform codes so visitors can sign up right there from your page. If you have the option, name your Facebook Tab so the visitors will know they are signing up to be on your list.

Social Media Strategy Content

After the technical parts are implemented, the next step is creating eye catching and engaging content. Content creation is the time-consuming portion. Some ways to engage your audience is to:

  • Post infographics that people can share
  • If your company has promotions or raffles post them on your Facebook page so visitors can participate
  • Post information people can use independently then ask if your audience has a different method they use to encourage a conversation.
  • Purchase social media ads on Facebook and Twitter to get more visibility and referral traffic to your website
  • Pay attention to the days you post to see what days you get the most responses from your audience
  • Respond to visitors
  • Invite visitors to your list once a week.
  • The more information you give clients to share quickly, the more their contacts will see your content.

Each month, review the referral traffic from your social media to see your content’s progress.

The most important thing to remember using social media for building an email list is that this is a time-consuming process. I remember a client told me they wanted to post their social media content. The next week she said she had been on social media for nine hours in one weekend.

There is a learning curve to figure out what your audience responds to and what days and times are the best to post your content. Once you know this information, your social media contacts will grow and so will your email list.

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