Coaches’ Article Marketing Strategy to Absolutely Increase Exposure

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Coaches (and all entrepreneurs) build their reputations and income using several sources. From volunteering time to monetizing content, Coaches core activities are to get them in front of potential clients and generate income. An article marketing strategy can be used to accomplish both objectives.

Article Marketing Sites that Pay

One way to monetize your content is by writing articles for sites that pay. Right now, the content that attracts highly targeted traffic is:

  • Videos
  • Visual content (particularly on social media)
  • Original content

All websites that want to increase or maintain qualified traffic finding their sites have to post unique content continuously. Their article marketing strategy is to hire others to write unique content for their sites.

This can sound like another assignment that is added to an already LONG task list for Coaches starting a business. However, for coaches and entrepreneurs seeking to increase their income, writing articles for sites is an opportunity.(Retweet This)

This article marketing strategy gives coaches the chance to get their content read, strengthen their reputations with their colleagues and receive immediate payment for their efforts.

Contributors can receive $100 and more for each article accepted. There are lists of article sites that pay depending on your field. This article marketing strategy is a great opportunity to get paid for writing and drive traffic back to their site.

LinkedIn Pulse Publishing

Another strategy to reach a broader audience is to publish on LinkedIn. There are approximately 400 million users on this platform. Publishing posts on LinkedIn’s Pulse give coaches potential access to millions of people.

A coach’s content can gain traffic faster on this network. The professional’s number of readers and exposure increase particularly when followers like, comment, and share posts.

I know again you’re thinking,“more writing.” No.

LinkedIn’s Pulse allows you to repurpose blog content on the site. Sharing your content is a vital online marketing practice to, get in front of qualified traffic. LinkedIn is helping professionals apply this content marketing strategy successfully.

After coaches create their content, they need to share it on as many platforms as possible. LinkedIn’s Pulse enables coaches to perform this article marketing strategy of sharing content with a large audience. The added benefit of this platform is that coaches know already, these readers are interested because they are followers.

Guest Blogger Strategy

The next article marketing strategy Coaches can use to get recognition is posting on related blogs. Social Media Examiner, Rewire, Huffington Post and Basic Blog Tips all have professionals post original content every day. These contributors help the sites continue their reputation for original content that is useful. In return, the guest blogger gains recognition and sometime link-building back to their site.

Marketing requires coaches to have staying power. It will take them time to upload articles on popular platforms using these methods that yield the best results. Coaches need to present their content to large audiences to find prospects that want and need their services.

Posting on related popular blogs gets coaches in front of qualified traffic. Coaches that express their personality and knowledge in their articles can convert site visitors into subscribers.

Although the article marketing strategy continues to evolve, coaches can use these activities to build brand awareness and income.

Electra Ford is an online marketing strategist that helps businesses get noticed on the Internet. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic to their websites and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation subscribe to my email list above.


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