A Content Marketing Strategy: Article Marketing

content marketing bulhornChange happening is something we can all feel secure about, and this is also true for online marketing approaches. An example of this is the new term – content marketing strategy. This phrase has been around a couple of years and is being used to identify online marketing activities from blog posting, eNewsletters and video marketing.

In addition to terminology changes, there are also changes in the activities such as the article marketing tactic. I will show you the subtle differences in the way article marketing was used compared to its uses now.

Although article marketing has had its share of changes, there are two constants.

  • Article marketing is a passive strategy that grows with time and consistency.
  • High-quality content is required


Past Use of Article Marketing Present Use of Article Marketing
  • Article marketing was used for backlinks mostly (Although you can get a backlink/inbound link from the article directories, it is not the primary use now.
  • Article marketing is mostly used now to drive traffic to your website and establish yourself as an expert
  • Use the bio section to direct viewers to your website.
  • Include a link that will take them to a similar blog posts to keep their interest. The longer they stay on your site, the better it is for your web page ranking.
  • Articles used to be approved faster/easier
  • Articles are now reviewed for quality and originality
  • Articles were highly spammed with keywords
  • Keywords are valuable, but articles will be approved based on relevance and value they provide to their audience
  • Article spinning was used as an action to re-word your blog posts that you submitted to the article directories
  • Identified article spinning may hurt your website instead of strengthening your position online now.
  • Article software programs used to upload to 20 or more article directories
  • It is better if you submit your original work to the directories and limit your submissions between 5 to 10 directories.
  • Submitted articles about anything, sometimes non-related to the category listed.
  • Submit articles only to article directories that list your categories or industry to connect with targeted traffic.
  • *Bonus: Articles always had a word minimum and maximum, but it is also valuable to be aware that your blog post should also have a minimum of 400 words
  • The recommendation for articles is that they are between 400 and 1500 words for some directories.


Article marketing is a strategy of content marketing because it connects you with your audience assisting you in building your brand. The more platforms you have a profile and upload your content, the faster you are considered an expert in your field. People begin to use your website and online profiles as a resource.

I know this to be true for me because I use several blogs as a reference including Social Media Examiner and Basic Blog Tips.

If you choose to implement article marketing in your content marketing strategy to build your brand and increase traffic to your website, understand this is a passive activity.

  • It is best to submit your quality articles to no more than 5 or 10 sites.
  • After 60 days begin to track their performance.
  • They will help build your professional online presence in the search engines by bringing up your profiles when someone searches your name or company.
  • You can also monitor your referral sites so you know which directories are bringing you traffic.

If they are not providing these results after 90 to 120 days, consider changing the article directories you are using.

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