Electra Ford Completes the Virtual Events Specialist Certification

Electra Ford, founder of the Virtual Office Center, announced that she has successfully completed the Virtual Event Specialist Certification Program, a 4-week training program that equips Virtual Assistants and Online Professionals with the key skills and tools necessary to offer their clients important Virtual Event Management services.

More and more companies and small businesses are choosing to hold Virtual Events rather than the more expensive offline events and conferences. In fact, “Virtual Meetings and Events [will] replace 2.1 million airline seats by 2012” (Gartner, Feb. 2009).  76% of businesses say they have already begun using Virtual Events in 2009, while 70% of Corporate Event Organizers predict a reduction in live events this year and forecast significant growth in virtual conferences and webinars. Consequently, it is vital that Virtual Assistants and Online Professionals offer skills in Virtual Event Management to fulfill their clients’ needs.

That is why the Virtual Office Center is excited to be adding Virtual Event Specialist Services to its business, including the setting up and delivering of Tele-events featuring one or many speakers, Webinars and Webcasts, Online Radio Shows, Live Weekly Podcasts and Live Streaming TV Shows. 

In VAClassroom’s Virtual Event Specialist Certification Program, Electra Ford learned strategies, best practices, tips and techniques for efficiently and effectively creating great events for her clients using the leading technologies like Instant Teleseminar, GoToWebinar, Camtasia, Ustream and more.

Electra Ford helps business owners sell their books, products and services on the Internet by utilizing proven practices and web-based programs to maximize her clients’ visibility online. Having received the Virtual Event Specialist Certification, Electra is pleased to add key Virtual Event services and tools to her business. This certification also entitles Electra Ford to ongoing training as technology develops so she will continue to offer quality up-to-date Virtual Event Specialist skills to her clients.

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