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In my last post I requested feedback from my subscribers and I appreciate their responses (see two below). This week I reviewed my email marketing statistics and between the responses and the analysis information I felt inspired to share tips on how to engage and use this analytical information to convert subscribers into clients.

Each month I recommend you review your email marketing statistics. Most email marketing companies provide this information but in case they don’t you can add a tracking URL to your email marketing by visiting the Google URL builder tool website then follow the instructions. Once you have a way to track the open rates of your emails it’s time to evaluate this data. How many of your emails are opened by all of your subscribers, shared by your subscribers, or not opened at all? It is possible that some emails touch the right emotion or need at the right time and the email will go viral, meaning it will be shared and forwarded to others.  Pay attention to your open rates; they let you know what information is useful and beneficial to your readers.

From this information you can interact with your subscribers by inviting them to select which emails they want to receive. For example, if you have two areas of service that you share knowledge about then you can offer your subscribers the opportunity to receive all your emails or emails from one area. This action nurtures your relationships and increases your opportunities to convert your subscribers into clients. It shows that you are interested in what they need; you respect their time and only want to contact them when you have something of value to say to them. Your subscribers are your human connection to your market – they show you the best ways for you to market your services.                                     


Thursday, August 19th, I will post the second video of my new video series. If you missed the first video click on the title to view it. Five (5) Steps to Maximize Your Online Presence Video 1.

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