How to Generate Website Traffic using Article Marketing

writing article image, how to generate website trafficArticle marketing is still a beneficial tool to generate website traffic. Since it has decreased from its peaked position for search engine rankings, it is important to know how to use this Internet marketing strategy effectively.
Changing with the times, article directory reviewers scrutinize submissions more now. Today, your one article will be approved for a maximum of 3 to 4 directories. Most sites are looking to share quality unique content and article spinning is no longer an option.

Compelling Heading to Generate Website Traffic

Now that the focus of the articles is to generate website traffic, you can concentrate on providing value and engaging. Writing a compelling heading that will stimulate an emotional reaction is an important part to be successful in article marketing. Article directories are not helpful for SEO like before, so it is important to get people’s attention through the title to generate website traffic.

Article Content to Increase Site Traffic

As mentioned above, it is not recommended that you write for SEO for your articles but you can write to connect. In this high tech low-touch society, people make many connections through their words online. I have found myself using Seth Godin’s quote quite often because it says it all regarding writing content.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.
Seth Godin

Your article is to:

  • enlighten
  • Inform
  • relieve with humor
  • understand with compassion.

Writing this way draws a person into reading the entire article. The longer they read your article, the more likely they will click a link to generate more website traffic to your site.
Once you have their attention, you can then guide them. The article is to generate website traffic, and when that happens, it is your web copy’s responsibility to convert that visitor into an action – subscribe, purchase a product or service. Your web copy is to get them to DO something.

Resource Box

The resource box is what you use to guide the reader. Use this area to:

  • Send people to a post under the same category on your site
  • Include your social media profile if you do not have a website or blog
  • Write a short bio. Remember the goal is to direct them back to your site
  • Articles are one way to build your credibility online so make sure you are writing information or advice you KNOW to be true

Writing your articles this way will help generate website traffic and strengthen your online reputation. This is especially useful for new sites. In the beginning, you are building your expert status, and you want to get noticed. Uploading your content consistently to as many platforms that your audience spends their time is the way to get recognized.
Once your name is synonymous, with a keyword that generates website traffic, such as Fabienne Fredrickson is known for ‘client attraction’ or Jeff Walker for ‘product launch’, you can then scale your marketing back maintaining your position on high traffic platforms.

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