Internet Book Marketing Services

Internet marketing has increased business owners ability to expand their visibility. It has also helped aspiring authors promote their work to more readers. Below are some Internet book marketing services you can use to increase your book[s] visibility and sales.

Book Reviews: Send your book to be reviewed by colleagues and mentors in enough time to receive their review for print. Use these reviews on the back cover of your book giving it more credibility and to increase interest.

Website: Once your manuscript is finished and at the printer you can begin to create interest on your website. Create a one sheet for each book that includes the author’s bio, testimonials/reviews and highlights from the book. Add a link to where visitors can pre-order/purchase your book.

Blogging & Social Media: Announce your book in blog posts and on your social media profiles. Include the cover of the book and upload an excerpt of your book. The audio is a two-fold benefit: one, audio is indexed higher than text on the search engines; and, two, people are more likely to watch and listen than to read a lot of text. At the end of your blog post, social network profiles and web pages remember to post a link for visitors to click and purchase the book.

Online Press Releases: Promote your book with online press releases. There are free and fee-based press release websites that will help you get the word out about your book.

Amazon Campaigns & Sales: Amazon sales give authors more control over their marketing process. Amazon gives you the opportunity to create marketing campaigns, increase your opportunity to get on Amazon’s bestsellers’ list and provide options such as electronic sales with the Kindle.

Virtual Book Tours: Doing a virtual book tour is a great way to promote your book while saving you traveling time. Engaging with online communities, blogging, book directories, podcasting, Internet radio interviews and webinar events are marketing tools to help you promote your book from your home office. You can use a section of your webinars for a one to two minutes video and upload it on YouTube, Vimeo, and other video marketing sites.

Award Submissions: The interest and longevity of your book is really up to you with Internet marketing. After your book is in print, submit your book for an award. Take the time to read the submission requirements carefully to ensure you know the fees, date and the number of copies to submit.

Internet book marketing is opening the door for aspiring authors to have a professional presence and attract interest about their work. Below is Libba Bray, New York Times Best Selling Author’s interview on her virtual book tour experience.  

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