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Some article marketing sites and online businesses that use article marketing are adjusting to Google’s latest algorithm changes.  Particularly Ezine Articles and Article Base are making several changes in the way they approve articles. Google’s intention regarding their changes is to support web searches to locate quality sites they want and diminish the amount of useless sites they were finding through what is commonly known as “content farms.”  In this week’s post I’m suggesting several changes and ideas for you to continue using article marketing successfully as a backlink to your site.

The last time I talked about article marketing I informed you that Ezine Articles implemented a WordPress plugin. Well, scratch that; Ezine Articles is discontinuing their plugin. They are also cracking down on the use of repetitive keywords and keyword phrases used in the articles they approve. EzineArticles and Article Base are also increasing their minimum word count to 400 and 350 respectively. Please note for your business blog it is good to use keywords in your posts genuinely but when writing for Ezine Articles now less is better to get your article approved on the site. Here you can read their other changes on Ezine Article’s Blog and at Article Base.

Although some article marketing directories are changing their guidelines to address decreases or potential decreases in traffic, other article marketing directories I use are not implementing changes as a response to Google’s latest action. For example, Idea Marketers operated by Marnie Pehrson says they are seeing an increase since Google adjusted its algorithm. Marnie’s position is quality content is still king. As long as you have quality content on your site the algorithm will not affect your traffic negatively. She also explains that she thinks it helps that Idea Marketers encourages writers “to embed YouTube videos and audios into their articles!”

Remember that you have several options regarding article marketing and the changes can be a benefit to you. Earlier when I mentioned it is good to use keywords throughout your blog posts I strengthened the word genuinely because it is important. Don’t just add keywords to every paragraph thinking that’s good SEO; keywords have to be used authentically. Write your article first for the audience – what your audience can honestly benefit from then go back and add keywords when their placement purposefully serves the content. I recently watched Maya Angelou on TV and she said “words are things.”  So remember that “words are things” and use them meaningfully. Another way to keep your site with useful content is to use your RSS feed as a newsfeed on your site. Re-posting blogs and articles from other authors (excluding guest posts) is another way to decrease your site’s value on Google.

Your other article marketing resources are Hub Pages, Squidoo Lens and Associated Content from Yahoo. Original content on Hub Pages and Squidoo Lens sites receive higher rankings and you can attract a following on these sites. People can share your articles on the social networks, comment, and rate your content’s usefulness.

The last thing regarding article marketing and content that I want to share with you is to consider using a category of keywords for your programs and products. After you identify the main keywords for your site also consider related keywords that describe your products and programs. Use category keywords for your article marketing to share useful knowledge and indirectly promote your products and programs. In the resource box of the article marketing site include the link to that product and program with an invitation to learn more about the topic by visiting that page on your site. Go forth now and be successful in your article marketing activities.

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