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This month I did a lot of search engine optimization work for websites. The most valuable piece of information I can share in this post is that it is important to research the keywords you want to use on your site because I learned that most of the keywords people use to optimize their site are NOT the keywords people are using to locate their niche. Each keyword research project I did this month averaged over 30 keywords or phrases and over half of these lists did not rank any traffic. So in this post I am sharing some effective ways on how to choose keywords that are currently attracting traffic for your niche.

When you are ready to write a blog post or content for your site research the keywords you plan to use in your title or in your content. I am going to use “Life Coaching for Women” for my example. When you are typing in your potential title or content keywords notice if Google’s Intellisense pulls up the title. When I type “Life Coaching for Women” Google’s Intellisense locates this keyword phrase. See the example below.

Google Intellisense

This is an indicator that this is a popular keyword phrase. Before I could completely type the phrase, Google listed it as a popular keyword phrase typed in the search engine. My next suggestion is to notice how many websites Google identifies as optimized with the keyword phrase you research.

Google Website Identification
Google is saying that currently there are over 5 million websites ranked with this keyword phrase. This is a LOT of competition. I use a program called Market Samurai and it recommends when you are a new website it is best to optimize your website with keywords that have a competition of under 30,000 websites. So let’s go on to locate a relative keyword phrase with less competition so we have a better chance of attracting traffic to a “life coaching for women” website.

The next step is choosing keywords from the free Google Keywords tool to locate a keyword phrase with less competition.

Google Keywords Tool

Type in your keyword phrase, the confirmation, then click search. A list of options will come up for your consideration.

Google Keyword Competition

When you use this tool without signing in you will receive a list of 100 choices. If you sign up for Google Adwords you will receive a list of 800 choices. On the second page of the list of 100 choices I located another keyword phrase “coaching for women” that has a medium level of competition. Below you can see that my original keyword phrase has high competition but the second keyword phrase I found in the Google keyword tool has medium competition, which will increase my potential of attracting the traffic that is searching for this niche. See below for details.

High Competition

Medium Competition

Now that I have a better keyword phrase to use it’s time to evaluate it. The next step I suggest before using this keyword is to check the amount of traffic. Look to the left and select Traffic Estimator.

Traffic Estimator

Type in the new keyword phrase; expand the plus next to ‘Advanced options’ then select ‘exact’ in the match type and click Estimate.

Google Traffic Estimates
This information gives you an estimate of the traffic you will receive using this keyword phrase exactly as you typed it. It also gives you an estimate of the cost per click average, which is good to know if the keyword phrase you choose has commercial value. It is better to use commercial value keywords. This means advertisers are paying Google adwords for the top and right side ads that you see when you search Google. Commercial value keywords are the ones to select for your content, keyword-rich titles and for your search engine optimization in your website’s Meta tags.

These are just a few steps to get you started choosing keywords for your website’s content, articles and blog post titles. I do stress that it is important to validate the traffic that the keywords you use have because a beautiful site with engaging content is nice, but if it doesn’t attract traffic to your online business it is all for naught.

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