Nine (9) Online Analytic Tools to Track Your Marketing Success

In the beginning of each month I send clients their online marketing stats. This usually sparks a conversation especially with new clients to understand the numbers. It is important to know the reach your marketing efforts are making (if they are making any) to recognize what to tweak or completely change to achieve your marketing goals. Although the key performance indicators (KPI) are:

  • Subscribers list increase
  • Blog comments increase
  • Prospect list grows/more advertiser opportunities

the initial feedback when you are building an online business will be your statistics. It is important to collect and review this data regularly to confirm if your activities are going in the right direction. This data identifies which actions are meeting your projections and will help you decide which activities need to be adjusted. When you start it’s best to commit to each marketing action for at least two to three months fine-tuning them as required. Meaning if you are blogging and not receiving the results you want in the first 30 days, it’s time to change the amount of blog posts you are uploading and change the way you market your blog. If you are not seeing your social media posts leading referral traffic back to your website or engaging your contacts on the networks, it’s time to modify your posts, the way you engage others on your profiles and adjust the frequency and times of your posts.

Currently there is not one software program that reviews all your analytics so below I have listed free and fee-based programs that you can use to monitor your website, social media and blog marketing efforts.


  • Google Analytics: Create an account and paste the code that is generated in your website or blog site. For WordPress and TypePad you can use Google analytics’ plugin or integration respectively.
  • Alexa: I like Alexa specifically for link building numbers. This site displays your current traffic position on the Internet and categorizes it by countries. It also registers your qualified links and gives you the keywords that are used to locate your site.
  • PR Checker: Paste your URL in the text field to search your site’s page ranking

Social Media:

Social media marketing started with the objective to have large numbers of contacts, followers and (at that time fans) likes but now with social media analytics the culture has moved from quantity measurements to quality. The programs listed below analyze your influence, engagement and ranks your social media position.

  • Twitalyzer: Login to this program using your Twitter ID to monitor your reach, influence, and effective engagement.
  • Klout: This social media analytic tool provides you a social media score based on your reach, the conversations your posts begin and your ability to influence your network.
  • Facebook Insights: Gives you an overview of how many people you can reach through your pages ‘likes’ how many people have engaged on your page and how many people are talking about your page or posts. Insights will also provide demographics such as location and age of your ‘likes’.


  • FeedBurner Stats: RSS feeds helps you to keep up with your blog subscribers, syndicate your blog with services like Pingshot and assists you in monetizing your blog by guiding you through Google AdSense’s account set up process.
  • StatPress: is a plugin that collects data about your blog visitors and spiders that crawl your site.
  • Post Rank: is blog analytics tool that has been acquired by Google. It gives you an engagement score of your blog posts based on the comments, tweets and the shares it generates.

Measuring your marketing activities serves two purposes. First, the data is your feedback in the beginning to determine if your actions are going in the right direction. Second, when you start receiving referral traffic, subscribers and business opportunities it will let you know which activities to increase to strengthen your position on the Internet. Once you have clearly defined your marketing goals it is important to review your metrics regularly to make certain that you are using your marketing time effectively and efficiently.

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