Understanding the Article Marketing Strategy

article marketing strategy, images of a typerwriterArticle marketing is one component of effective online marketing. It is great for new websites to use for strengthening their search engine ranking while building credibility. Quality content distributed on the article directories will promote you as an expert and expand your reach on the Internet. This strategy has several benefits that I will highlight to maximize your online presence.

Quality backlinks in the article marketing strategy

An article marketing strategy raises your search engine ranking with link-building. Link-building is an online recommendation. The more backlinks your website has, the stronger your site’s Internet presence. This means other sites are duplicating your content or referencing your website on their pages. Each time a webpage links to a page or your website it strengthens your website meaning it moves your website up to a higher page in the search engines. The faster your website moves up; the more visitors can find you on the Internet.

Strengthen your SEO with the article marketing strategy

Article marketing strategy strengthens your website position when you successfully use search engine optimization (SEO). The keywords that you use to describe your products and services on your website need to also be in your articles. Using these category keywords will get your content indexed under these keywords in the search engines. The more content you have indexed under these keywords or keyword phrases in the search engines, the more traffic will find your website or profiles when they type in those keywords. Content gets you to the number one page on the search engines. Quality content is king when it is created strategically.

Acquire expert status in your industry

Building an expert status happens on the Internet when others reference your articles. When you post your content to article directories, they allow reprints of your content. The more your content is duplicated or linked to, the higher your website pages will rank on the search engine pages. As you promote your live articles on your social network profiles, you are developing your brand.

The article marketing strategy builds on itself like all online marketing approaches. Once your quality content recognition grows, it is best to include a link to a particular page of your website in your bio area. Visitors that reprint, your articles on their site, will want to know more. This link to a specific page with more information on your article’s topic will direct this traffic back to your website. The general practice is to attach a link to a specific page where you can give your visitors more information on a specific topic or send them to call to action page on your website. Always remember to direct your visitors to more of what they are reading or interested in learning on your website. This step increases your website traffic.

Another reason it is important to include a link always back to your website is to attract new customers. Whether your objective in an article is to get interested individuals to come to your site about a topic or for you to tell them about the benefits of your services, the way to accomplish these objectives is to provide a link to article marketing, person with a pen and padredirect visitors back to your website. Once you get them to your website, it is your pages content job to keep them there and lead them to subscribe to your newsletter or fill out your contact page.

Article marketing is a free tool

One of the main reasons article marketing is still alive and will remain so in the foreseeable future is because it is a free marketing tool that does provide results. When you are a new business owner, you want to see every dollar bring a return. For new entrepreneurs that have time but not a large marketing budget, you can write quality content that others will use as a reference. Your time investment will come back as amplified FREE publicity. Also, it is a way to get your valuable knowledge out to those seeking this information while simultaneously expanding your reach online.

Your marketing activities need to cover several media online to achieve your aspirations and article marketing is a beneficial tool. As a new entrepreneur with a new website, it is important to building your content on your website and online. Article marketing helps you establish your brand through the useful content. Adding links from your website in your article bio areas will encourage more website traffic when your content helps others reach their desired objective. In addition to launching your expert status, the links from the article directories back to your website will increase your website’s rank in the search engines. Consistent posting of your content in concert with using other marketing activities will have your new website ranking in the search engines within ten months or less. Your article marketing strategy will help you start your online business effectively.

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