Why Use Email Marketing?

After providing a service to a new client or meeting someone that is interested in your services, how do you continue to engage them? How do you inform them of new services that are available? If you said direct mailing my next question is how effective are your direct mailing campaigns? How do you track their return on investment? If you do not have systems in place to answer these questions then read this post.

Email Marketing Software

Email marketing provides the opportunity to remain in the front of your client’s and prospects minds. I recommend choosing an email program that includes:

  • metrics to monitor when subscribers open an email or click a link to make a purchase
  • social network integration to add your newsletters and announcements to your social network profiles
  • and mobile marketing integration so your subscribers can read messages on their mobile devices.

Some companies to consider are icontact, mailchimp, Constant Contact and Aweber.

What to send newsletter subscribers?

Send emails that educate or provide valuable industry information that serves your subscribers. For instance:

  • Insurance agents can send updates that will affect their local clients
  • Restaurants can share recipes and send announcements of special menu items that are available for a limited time.
  • Professionals can send how-to instructions to complete a task like implementing a ten minute a day exercise routine that boosts energy while supporting weight loss goals.

What to look for in your reports?

As mentioned earlier, email marketing also enables you to track how many subscribers are opening your broadcasts. This software reports the amount of emails opened, clicks on a link and tracks the conversions of your call to action requests. Knowing how many emails are opened gives you insight in what information is useful to your clients and prospects. The more you know about their interests the better service you can provide. Use this data to segment subscribers and cater to their specific needs.

Social media and mobile marketing integration expands your ability to keep in touch. Software capable to deliver your emails to mobile devices and on the social networks is a current online marketing trend. More than 82% of people now read their emails on their Smartphone’s so it is valuable to use multimedia platforms to market effectively and efficiently. Newsletter subscribers will be unable to read their emails conveniently if the software program does not incorporate this integration.

Email marketing gives businesses a streamlined approach to strengthening their brands, building customer loyalty while demonstrating their value to prospects. Now is the time to add an email marketing campaign to your online marketing strategy.

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