How Coaches Make New Relationships on Periscope

Professional Coaches meet many clients at networking and speaking engagements. ReTweet: One way Coaches can leverage their time meeting people to cultivate relationships is using Periscope @ElectraFord. If you have not heard about this Twitter video platform or haven’t used it yet, watch the video below.

I hosted my first Periscope this week, and I am sharing ways Coaches can use this tool to build their business.

This is my first scope so bear with me if we have any technical issues.

Today I am discussing Coaches using Periscope building/strengthening relationships to get clients. There is a famous adage, which is people do business with whom they feel they can know like and trust. Videos are one media used to help build confidence.

At the social selling conference hosted by Kim Garst, presenter, Steve Dotto of Dottotech explained he gives his audience a taste of his personality at the beginning of his videos. This way, if the viewer does not connect with Steve’s image they can leave the video before investing too much time.

Periscope enables Coaches to make relationships in real time the same way. People get to experience your personality on the scope while listening to your professional knowledge.

To starting building your audience, it is recommended that you:

  • Scope regularly – some people scope daily and multiple times per day
  • In the beginning it is better to schedule a scope inviting people to attend to have an audience. Send an email blast and post on all your online profiles where appropriate.
  • know what value you will give your audience – although this is a real-time Smartphone technology that you can host spontaneously, prepare what strategies or information that you will share. You are making yourself available so people can determine if you are the Coach for them, and the knowledge you share is a big part of it.
  • Flexible Time broadcasts – the other great benefit of this social media tool is that you do not have to schedule a time. You do not have to prepare 30, 40 minutes or an hour of content. You can host a scope for a maximum of 15 minutes or less. The purpose for Coaches is to share knowledge and be yourself; allow people to get to know you. This does not take long.

In addition to these preparations, it is also recommended that you:

  • Save your broadcasts by going to:
  • the people symbol
  • then your profile symbol in the upper right-hand corner
  • Select settings
  • Scroll down to ‘other’ then
  • Turn on ‘autosave broadcast.’
  • After you click the start broadcast button, click on the tweet icon to tweet your scope to all your followers.

If you find this information useful, so far share this broadcast right now with your followers.

This way your Scopes will save to your phone’s gallery. You can also save your Scopes on Katch.me but I was advised that this may not always record all of your video. Using both options gives you a backup if one does not work.

Upload your videos to your YouTube or another video channel to expand the life of your scope. If you do not save it, after 24 hours, it is gone permanently.

Upload it directly to Facebook to reach more people do not share it from YouTube. Remember, videos that you upload directly on Facebook’s platform will be given a higher priority by the network’s algorithm and reach more of your contacts.

If you have software like Camtasia or another program, select a clip and upload it to Twitter. Again the purpose of these strategies is to expand the life of your Scope and to promote it so more people will attend the next one your host.

Another way Coaches can use this tool is to strengthen your current client relationships. You can lock the scope so it will be only a conversation with your current clients. You can lock your scope by clicking on the key.

If you have not attended any scopes yet, it is customary to greet attendees just like they are walking into your living room.

If you find the information helpful tap your screen to give hearts. This communication is the equivalent of a like. This feature is great because it is another way to keep your audience participating in the conversation along with comments.

You can write a reply to people when they send you a comment or question in your scopes, but I recommend that you respond to their question verbally to keep a smooth flow.

Building a coaching practice like all entrepreneurs takes stamina. To meet clients, you have to get in front of people. Depending on your location or time freedom, you may be limited to the number of networking events you can attend. However, with social media tools like Periscope and LinkedIn, you have options to meet people and be yourself so they can decide if you are the right coach for them.

Once you have created content and know how you help people, it is only a matter of finding people that are looking for what you have to offer. This means getting in front of people.

If you feel this information is beneficial, and you are a coach that wants to double your productivity, let’s connect. Click on the link below the video at the top of this page.


ElectraF-Image1AElectra Ford is an online marketing strategist that helps businesses get noticed on the Internet. She specializes in online marketing plans that connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with their audience to get traffic to their websites and make qualified connections. To learn more about implementation subscribe to my email list above.

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