Corine LaFont Interview

I’ve been looking forward to creating a video series interviewing professionals in the effective ways they are using online marketing to build their businesses. Today is my first published interview with Corine LaFont, founder of Helpdeskja.com and the Self-Publishing University.

corine lafont, virtual assistant, online marketing strategiesCorine La Font, owner and founder of Helpdeskja.com, The Self-Publishing Center and the Self Publishing University. Corine is a virtual assistant that started her business helping authors print and market their books including creating virtual book tours and trailers.

Corine has expanded her business now to business training and coaching serving corporations and professionals. Corine has been won the Publishing Resource award in the 2013 book awards, and she is a columnist for the #1 newspaper in Jamaica; the Gleaner.

I interviewed Corine about her virtual assistant business, the marketing tools she uses to reach her clients and the time investment to execute her marketing plan. View the Google hangout below for ideas how you can grow your business using online marketing strategies to reach a larger audience.

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