How and When to Use Teleseminar Marketing

teleseminar marketing, woman with a micTeleseminar marketing is for entrepreneurs and businesses to make a personal connection with their audience. Each marketing strategy has a particular purpose and virtual events marketing serves as a tool to interact and build relationships. Entrepreneurs are advised that people do business with people they feel they can know like and trust. Teleseminars are one tool to help business owners make a human connection using their voice. In this article, I will give suggestions of when to use teleseminar marketing and how to use it to grow your business.

Teleseminars can be the first live contact your audience has when you are ready to connect with your contacts. As mentioned, each marketing strategy serves a purpose. Your website is a polished presence that exemplifies your professional experience and business acumen. The social media profiles give you the opportunity to find your audience online. This audience is whom you market your business to by inviting them to your newsletter and teleseminar marketing events. In the teleseminars, your audience can hear your passion about your work. The audience can learn from you as you share proven strategies that they can implement independently and see results. Providing proven techniques will build your audience’s trust in your abilities and they return to you for more advice. Teleseminar marketing helps make real connections and demonstrates your value to your audience that has been connecting with you on the major social networks and online communities.

The Beginning Steps for Teleseminar Marketing:

  • Content: The content of a teleseminar’s goal is to demonstrate your knowledge and value. Condense some of your effective strategies into a 45 minute or 1 hr teleseminar giving people some proven techniques that they can start using now to see results. You can also set up an interview series around the topic(s) that matter to your audience. With an Interview series, you can build a reputation that people trust to receive useful information that they can benefit from now. Teleseminar marketing grows your reputation when you share verified actions that help your audience get closer to or realize their goals.
  • Practice: If this is your first time creating a teleseminar it would be good to do a practice run to talk on the recording as if you are speaking to many people. When you are starting out and sometimes giving teleseminars regularly only small numbers attend. Practice so you are ready if no one, 2 people or 20 people attend your teleseminar. Teleseminar marketing is about demonstrating the value of your work. Creating a polished teleseminar recording is a product that you can repurpose into articles, audios that you can offer on your website or collect and give in a series.
  • Branding: The teleseminar marketing set up has many parts and the first part is branding consideration. Think of what you want this teleseminar event to bring to the public’s mind. What do you want to be known for providing your audience? All of your teleseminar marketing materials should have the same introduction and look to help your audience identify your brand.
  • Processes: Once you know your brand, set up the list for your newsletter list. Create a specific list for this teleseminar. Set up autoresponders to send attendees the login information automatically. In these emails, you can include any attachments you want to give to your attendees. If your budget permits use a teleseminar or software program that your audience can post questions in a chat or you can ask poll questions that attendees can type their answers during the event. Most people will not feel comfortable talking on a recording but they will type their questions and answers in the chat. Also set up autoresponders for after the call reminding them of your call to action or requesting feedback from the teleseminar. Use the feedback to improve your program. Save any positive feedback, you received for your next teleseminar marketing materials.
  • teleseminar marketing, microphoneAnnouncement: After you create an opt-in sales page for your teleseminar, your next step is to syndicate this out to the media channels that you use. Include your announcement set up a preview call inviting all of your contacts if your teleseminar is a paid event. If you give a teleseminar series send the announcement to the person being interviewed so they can also post an announcement to their list. This is an opportunity to express the value they will receive attending your teleseminar. In the first autoresponder include the preview call date and time.
  • Preview Call: Work toward making this teleseminar preview call compelling to show this material will meet the needs of your audience to attain a desired goal.
  • Call to Action: At the end of providing excellent steps that a person can use on their own, it is time to remind people of your services. For the last 2 to 3 minutes of the call give the audience your website address, information toward any free material you might have promised for attending the live event and tell them any offerings related to the topic discussed in this teleseminar.
  • Post-Teleseminar: Send a follow-up message with any free offering you promised your audience. Send a general follow-up message to everyone that signed up to the teleseminar and include any positive feedback showing social proof to your audience with the information of the next teleseminar event.
  • Goal: Set a goal to reach 2, 3 or 5 genuinely interested people that you can build a rapport with for future joint venture teleseminar projects or clients interested in your services. 


Teleseminar Marketing Recap

Being consistent with your teleseminar marketing is what will bring clients and networking opportunities to you. Remember to present your material with confidence and excitement whether you have 1 person or 21 people on your call. Set up processes to automate your messages to your subscribers. Always provide a clear and effective call to action the last 2 to 3 minutes of the call. Follow-up with free offerings promised call to action and social proof with the next teleseminar event. Repurpose your material to expand your reach on the Internet maximizing your teleseminar marketing affects.

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