Virtual Marketing

Virtual Marketing

Although Internet marketing is still considered new, it has been around enough to have a clear structure. Today we will review the fourth step in our Internet marketing plan. To review, the steps are:

  1. Website (or now a blogsite): Provides an overview of your business – online brochure
  2. Free report:  A series (or something) to offer in exchange for a name and email address
  3. Email Marketing:  Emails that are informative, useful and includes what’s going on with you or your business.
  4. Virtual Marketing: A virtual event is a viral marketing tool – usually audio or video used to nurture relationships.  

Internet Radio: Internet broadcast radio is great when you are a talker or a shy person who enjoys phone conversations. If you can go on and on about one or more topics in your industry then Internet Radio is for you. You can create free accounts on Blog Talk Radio, Contact Talk Radio and Free Talk Live just to name a few. You can advertise for sponsors, interview guests or enter into a joint venture with a colleague. Listeners can join your conversations by calling in or using the chat feature. You can also record your shows and convert them into podcasts.

Podcasts: Podcasts are perfect if you enjoy talking more than writing. Instead of blogging consider creating a podcast. A podcast can be from fifteen minutes to one hour in length and it is sent to subscribers through  RSS feed just like a blog. Just like Internet radio you can use this virtual marketing tool as a joint venture project with a colleague or interview guests and solicit for sponsors. You or a virtual professional can edit your podcast for professional quality; deleting the “ums” and making sure the entire podcast is at the same volume level. You can upload your podcasts at iTunes and other podcasting sites using Audio Acrobat or My Podcast.

Teleseminars: A great way to introduce yourself to your market is a teleseminar. You can create a program that is thirty to forty minutes in length and leave fifteen minutes for questions. If you don’t plan for an audience it is still great to use a teleseminar because you can record your program and use it as a free offer on your website. There is a long list of free and fee-based Internet conference sites such as Free Conference Call or Instant Teleseminar that you can choose from depending on your requirements. 

Video Marketing: Video marketing is good for any business. Video is the highest ranked content on the Internet and it doesn’t have to be that long. It can be one to three minutes in length and it can be an introduction, a Powerpoint about your business with your contact information, logo and website URL or a video series. You can use your keyword phrases when uploading your video on the video marketing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo and use your company name for branding. In one of the videos I sent to you earlier this year Chris Brogan talked about how he consulted a business and showed them how they could use video marketing to introduce their service reps to customers by uploading short interview videos of the service professionals. You can review that article here http://www.virtualofficecenter.net/social-media/qualifying-your-social-network/.

Webinars: For aspiring teachers, webinars are great. You can create a webinar or a webinar series and use it as your free or fee-based program. You can create a certification program or use these platforms for an online live event like a conference or class. GotoWebinar and several other sources would be great to use.

WebTV: Another growing trend is Internet TV. Internet TV right now is being used by entrepreneurs, giving their audiences an opportunity to engage with them, businesses and non-profits live streaming their conferences and programs. Livestream and Ustream are just two of the Internet TV software programs available right now and you can open free accounts. Your audience can engage with you through the chat feature and you can record your shows and embed them into your website or blog.

These virtual marketing tools provide an opportunity for your audience to make a human connection with you through a dialogue. These tools provide you with an opportunity to have fun and enjoy your work. Regardless of your personality type or business model one of these tools can help you connect with your audience strengthening your brand and increasing your prospect and client list.

Here is an example that video is used now by every industry.

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