What is Life Coaching?

One of the industries I work with often is professional coaching. Professional coaches are well-known especially on the Internet but I have become aware that many people don’t clearly understand what a professional coach actually does. The general assumption sometimes is that Coaches are generic accountability partners and although accountability can be a part of the work sessions, professional coaches do much more. They positively impact their clients’ lives by successfully helping them change their actions and perceptions to reach their goals. I also wanted a coach’s insight on how a virtual assistant (VA) benefits a professional coach.

For these reasons I interviewed Life and Leadership Transformational Coach, Colleen Crook. Colleen is the founder of Conscious Living Connection, a coaching practice that specializes in life coaching for women “to step into creatively expressing their passion while embracing their unique feminine essence and power to create what matters most. “ In our discussion we talk about:

  1. professional coaching training

  2. The coaching process
  3. How working with a VA has benefited Colleen’s practice.

If you have been considering working with a professional coach or if you are coach that has been thinking about hiring a virtual assistant, I hope this interview answers some of your questions.

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